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Winter Jumping Series

So the winter jumping series concludes this Sunday, 27 March, and it is all to play for in some of the classes! Here are the top four or so riders in each class with just points from Sunday to go on the board! Good luck everyone!!!

Class 1 (9 inches) - Nicholas Waghorn 12 points, Mollie Sheath 8 points, Ruby-Mae Clayton 7 points and Mollie Brown and John Waghorn 5 points

Class 2 (12 inches) - Amelia Morgan 15 points, John Waghorn 6 points, Connie Jeffery and Megan Lightbown 4 points, Ruby-Mae Clayton, Olivia Reason and Nicholas Waghorn 3 points

Class 3 (18 inches) - Shannon Cox 8 points, Bonnie Parker 5 points, Kelly Read, Lani Rand and Shannon Roper 4 points

Class 4 (2ft) - Shannon Cox 20 points, Alicia Stay and Jess Morris 5 points, Shannon Cox 4 points

Class 5 (2ft3) - Ffleur Harris 19 points, Millie Meadows 6 points, Amy Webser 4 points, Shannon Cox, Alessi Buckland and Abi Hawkes 3 points

Class 6 (2ft6) - Ffleur Harris 7 points, Shannon Cox and Abi Hawkes 6 points, Lizzie MacClean 5 points

Class 7 (2ft9) - Kylea Trinder and Sharon Waghorn 7 points, Sharon Waghorn 6 points, Ali Hill 5 points, Karen Begley and Sarah Holmes 4 points

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